January  2, 2018


Ms Eileen Kennedy

Elba N. Lopez Ph.D

HOPe (Helping Other People Foundation, Inc

2752 Miles Avenue

New York, NY 10465-3032


Dear Elba, Eileen and Friends,


We would like to thank you for your tax-deductible to the Medical Missionaries of Mary of $ 25,856.00 check # 1498 dated 12/23/2017 that we received in our office 29 December 2017.


It is always wonderful to hear from HOPe and to know you are with us in Honduras and in Casa Visitación.  They have had a rough year with the break-in which you are aware of, but more recently with the political unrest which has meant looting, curfews, violence, and a general sense of unease and frustration.  Still…the work continues and expands and is done with such commitment and joy.  In October, I had a wonderful visit with all f them…and seeing the new classroom, library, chapel, and office space with the children and staff using it was wonderful.


So much has happened since Renee and I went there in 2004 to begin….it has so much meaning in the lives of so many that we stay there among them.  Thanks for keeping us there and for helping us empower so many wonderful people.  Thanks for being so good to Renee when she was with you in November.


Please greet and express my gratitude to all the members of HOPe who might remember me.  Also, please continue to remember the Sisters, staff and volunteers in your prayers as conditions there are more violent than ever.  We remember you and your families daily in ours.





Sister Joanne Bierl, MMM

Development Director