September 9, 2016


HOPe Proposal

Dominican Republic

Blanco’s School/Blanco’s Orphanage


The following is a proposal for funding of projects at the two ongoing Dominican Republic projects.  We have previously funded successful projects at both locations.  The project is one that we have successfully partnered with Rutgers University, The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and another charitable Organization – Bridges of Hope to work together with.


Attached is the cost breakdown and further detailed project description provided by Brad Munn, the Project Manager.  I have personally met Brad at the project location.  He is the person who coordinates the work with Rutgers and The University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  This brings much needed volunteer health care to the facilities 2 – 3 times per year.  He also coordinates the work with Bridges of Hope, who similarly fund teacher’s salaries, and other miscellaneous projects.  Brad is dedicated, smart and very organized.


Below is a brief summary of the project needs:



  • Blanco’s Orphanage and School (Referred to in the attachments as the Farm Home) – The most pressing need is to safeguard the dormitories for the 23 orphan children who live there full time. All are of Haitian descent, who lost their families in the hurricane that devastated Haiti a few years back.  The dormitories are solid, well constructed units, but are subject to damage from persistent flooding in the area.

The concept is to remove the existing concrete foundations that they sit on, and install new foundations that will lift the dormitory units much higher, keeping them safe from the flood waters.  Also included, are minor expenses for bedding replacement, a washing machine, kitchen utensils, school uniforms, school supplies and books.

Total request – $ 13,588



  • Cofemba School –  As noted in the attachment, the school enrollment has now grown to 78 children.  However, this has resulted in severe overcrowding, forcing 3-4 children to often share 1 desk.

There are currently only 2 classrooms, but there are 2 other unused rooms that they would like to convert to classrooms.  The addition of the classrooms would also include purchase of much needed new chairs, desks, blackboards, shelving, etc.

There is currently only one bathroom with several stalls which is shared by both boys and girls.  None of the stalls have doors, and it is in a general state of disrepair.  Plans include installation of stall doors for privacy and general renovation of the restroom facility.

The fence that safeguards the property is old and in need of repair, pricing for this is included.

A small request for new uniforms is also part of this proposal.


Lastly, it is noted that the majority of the children come to school without having had any breakfast.  They would like to be able to provide at a minimum, fruit and juice to the students to provide them with a minimally nutritional breakfast.  The costs of this are still being evaluated, and are not a part of this current request.  However, it is something we would like to at least consider funding in the future.

Total request – $ 11,225



Cost Summary for the Dominican Project:

Orphanage/School – $ 13,588

Cofemba School     – $ 11,225

$ 24,813



The attached letter from Brad Munn describing the project needs and the cost breakdowns does note on the bottom of the cost summary that there is an administrative and transfer fee cost of $ 1,100.

I spoke to Brad about this today and explained to him that we cannot pay any administrative fees or transfer costs.  He understands this and indicated to me that he would cover those costs himself upon approval of this request.


Thank you

Paul Greene

Bill O’Sullivan
Brendan O’Flynn