Dear Friends:


I am writing this letter with much excitement for what God through HOPe members is doing in our lives and the lives of children, teens, women and the elderly, in our community. This past year, 2016, with the help of HOPe and the work of many volunteers, we were able to provide services to more than 150 children. They participated in our schools programs, health and nutrition programs. In addition, we provided other medical services to help children with health issues such as de-worming, treatment for tuberculosis, vitamin deficiencies, combating the lice epidemic, and parental abandonment and other maladies that plague them in the slums of Huaycan. Furthermore, we provided other services such as:

  • Visiting and ministering to orphan children,
  • Providing nutritious meals to 100 children
  • Caring for the batter women,
  • Providing health services and medicines to sick children with tuberculosis, teen and the elderly,
  • Counseling and support to the elderly,
  • Music therapy, dancing
  • Helping into the lives of young men and women in gangs and drug rehabilitation,
  • Sewing classes to women with children in our schools.

We are SO grateful for the donations we have already received from HOPe for the school year 2016 and throughout the years. However, to continue with all our programs during this year 2017, once more we need your help. These are life-changing services for many children, teens and their families. I am excited to continue to work with you to continue this labor of love. Above all, I pray that every lonely sick and dying child, elderly person, every struggling addict, and every exploited and ashamed teenager that we help could KNOW the hope and peace that is THEIRS through the love and support of generous people like the members of HOPe. All of you are part of this mission of love.


Thank you in advance for your prayers and support,


Sister Rosa Gutierrez-Encalada

Project Director