Dear Ms. Kennedy,

Greetings from the Students, Staff and Management of Bishop Simon Convent School, Karithgaon, Diocese of Jagdalpur, India.  Hope you are keeping fine.

May I present a brief report of the utilization of USD $6,000.00 from as grant from the HOPe Foundation in 2016.  We received another grant of USD $1,200.00from another friend of the mission.  Please find detailed report of the utilization of the grant and audit report by the CPA.  With the grant about, we were able to purchase 5 desktop Computers and make a small computer lab for the school.  We also built a play garden and equipped it with Recreational tools like swing, slide, merry-go-round etc.  We constructed a small boundary wall protecting the garden.  It is named “HOPe Garden” in grateful acknowledgement of the grant received from the HOPe Foundation.  The Computer Lab and the Play Garden are real assets to the school and they contribute to the intellectual and psychological well being of the children.  The play garden is also used by the village children making it more useful to all children who visit our campus.  We also built a stage for performing cultural programmers.


Expressing our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of you at the HOPe Foundation, I remain.

Yours truly


Fr. Abraham/Raju Kannampala CMI

Attached: audit report by the CPA